Moderate to Severe Bunion

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Table of Contents - Moderate to Severe Bunion
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    What is Moderate to Severe Bunion

    A bunion is an abnormality in the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint, or base of the big toe. When the first metatarsal bone shifts to the outside of the foot, this causes the large toe to turn in towards the other toes. During these shifts, the metatarsophalangeal joint starts to push out. With moderate to severe cases, synovial fluid sac, the bursa, swells from the friction caused by the inside of shoes, creating pain and stiffness in the MTP joint

    Moderate to Severe Bunion Diagnosis

    A surgeon will grade the severity of the bunion protrusion from mild, moderate, to severe with the help of an x-ray. A surgeon will not perform surgery for purely cosmetic purposes. Only after nonsurgical treatment will surgery be recommended. Wider shoes, toe spacers, and even splints are all excellent nonsurgical remedies for a bunion. If there is no pain from the bunion and it does not cause any problems, nonsurgical solutions should be continued. Surgery is not possible for patients currently dealing with an infection, less than adequate blood circulation, and volatile diabetes.

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    Moderate to Severe Bunion Treatment

    As soon as nonsurgical solutions fail to alleviate pain during day to day activities, it is time to speak with your doctor or surgeon to realign the toe to its correct position. There are many surgical procedures to choose from, it is important to consult your surgeon to decide which will be right for your situation. Moderate bunion abnormalities will require the metatarsal to be cut, which is known as an osteotomy, and repositioned where it belongs. Severe bunion abnormalities will require an osteotomy at the base of the metatarsal bone which is then turned and situated in place with screws and plates or pins and rods. Moderate bunion surgery takes about four to six weeks recovery with severe bunion surgery taking about six to twelve weeks to cover. In most extreme cases where the joint isn’t able to be salvaged, an artificial joint may be needed.

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