Knee Cartilage Abrasion

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    What is Knee Cartilage Abrasion

    Cartilage abrasion in the knee is when the articular cartilage, smooth tissue surfacing bones where joints are located, within the knee becomes defective. The articular cartilage essentially lubricates the knee, allowing bones to move with the least amount of friction possible. Cartilage tends to wear away over time, however injury can ruin it as well. Damaged cartilage does not repair well on its own as there aren’t any blood vessels, fortunately, doctors have established methods of promoting cartilage growth, specifically hyaline cartilage, the main part in a joint’s surface. Repairing cartilage has the potential to alleviate pain and lead to better performance in a joint. Additionally, repairing cartilage can slow or even stop the progression of arthritis.

    Knee Cartilage Abrasion Diagnosis

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    Knee Cartilage Abrasion Treatment

    There are many types of knee cartilage surgeries, known as knee chondroplasty. “Chondro,” which is “cartilage,” and “plasty,” meaning “to form or mold.” A knee debridement is where the damaged pieces of cartilage are taken out of the knee and the joint is flushed with a saline solution, known as lavage. Knee cartilage regeneration is where small cuts are made on a healthy bone below the damaged cartilage. The idea is the bleeding from the healthy bone will make its way to the cartilage and create new cartilage cell development. There are three ways surgeons go about cartilage regeneration. The first is a microfracture, where all ruined cartilage is removed and incisions are made on the bone with an “awl,” a sharp surgical tool. The second is drilling, where a drill or wire is used to make small holes in the bone. The third is abrasion arthroplasty, where impaired cartilage is removed and the bone is scraped to toughen the surface.

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