Mild Bunion

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    What is Mild Bunion

    A hallux valgus, or bunion, is when the knuckle of the big toe is misaligned. The big toe is turned out, towards the smaller toes, with a mass forming at the knuckle. Not all bunions cause pain, however, the abnormality will increase in severity over time.

    Mild Bunion Diagnosis

    Wider shoes, toe spacers, and even splints are all excellent nonsurgical remedies for a bunion. While these solutions may alleviate pain, they will not fix the issue. If the bunion does not cause any pain or problems, it is important to continue with nonsurgical remedies. Surgery will not be an option for those fighting an infection, bad blood circulation, and unstable diabetes. A chevron osteotomy should not be the first option for patients with an extreme bunion protrusion or major bunion arthritis. Likewise, bunion surgery should not be used primarily for cosmetic purposes.

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    Mild Bunion Treatment

    A chevron osteotomy is an outpatient surgery, meaning patients are able to go home following the procedure. The bunion pain should be alleviated after this procedure while also giving the foot a regular appearance. An incision is made atop the inside of the foot over the big toe’s joint. The bursa amid the skin and bone is removed. The end of the first metatarsal is cut into and reshaped like a “V” to be able to shift it towards the second toe. Sometimes, removable wires or permanent screws are used to keep the bones in their new spot. The surgeon will use a file to shave the bump causing pain at the large toe’s base after aligning the first toe joint. A surgeon will make use of an x-ray machine to confirm the toe has been made straight. Another surgery may be needed to either tighten the tissue on the inside of the toe or loosen the tissue on the outside of the joint.

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